The state of Louisiana is famous for being Cajun capital of the world. Despite that fact, Lafayette is still a growing city with a culinary scene that’s often overlooked. That’s why we at the Edge Lafayette took the liberty of going out and finding the Best Restaurants in Lafayette, LA. From Cajun to stylish restaurants, this great town has the right grub spot for your stomach.

Don’s Seafood

Don’s Seafood is a Cajun-style restaurant with 6 different locations in the state of Louisiana. The Lafayette location features classic a unique menu ranging from Cajun specials made from locally-made seafood, to unique original recipes. No matter what you order, it’s always fresh and served in a beautiful fashion. 

Restaurant Style: Cajun

Location: 4309 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503


Alcoholic Beverages


Happy Hour Drinks

Local Favorites:

Blackened Shrimp Pasta

Fried Crawfish Tails

Hush Puppies

Outdoor Seating

Shrimp Po’ Boy

The French Press

There’s no doubt that the French Press is the best French restaurant in Lafayette. The restaurant serves brunch during the day and fine dinners at night. The French Press also adds an inventive spin on each dish, resulting in food that is both modern and tasty. Every dish is served elegantly to bring out the best of upscale dining. Visitors might also run into gifted locals playing outside the restaurant from time to time.

Restaurant Style: French Cuisine

Location: 214 E Vermilion St, Lafayette, LA 70501


Alcohol Beverages


Upscale Dining

Local Favorites:

Cajun Poutine

Couillon Burger

Grits and Grillades

Johnson’s Boucaniere

Johnson’s Boucaniere is a popular barbecue restaurant in Lafayette with an old-school twist. It’s the best spot to visit if you’re looking to have a taste of Lafayette’s history. The restaurant is known for cooking up the same tasty Boudin recipe since the 1930s. However, that’s not all Johnson’s Boucaniere has to offer its customers. Johnson’s also has some of the juiciest briskets, smoked chicken, and pulled pork you’ll find in the state. Everything is prepared in-house and smoked for 12-14 hours until it’s cooked to perfection.

Restaurant Style: Barbecue

Location: 1111 St John St, Lafayette, LA 70501


Outdoor Seating

Local Favorites:



Pulled Pork

Judice Inn

There’s a reason why Judice Inn has been around serving the best hamburgers since 1947. This local Lafayette restaurant has incorporated the same “secret sauce” infused with the taste of Louisiana since it first opened. Today, locals can enjoy a traditional burger or modern sandwich with their favorite soft drinks or beer. Judice Inn is also a popular spot for lifetime locals and college students alike.

Restaurant Style: Hamburger

Location: 3134 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503


Alcoholic Beverages

Local Favorites


Double Burger


Deano’s Pizza

If you’re looking for the best authentic pizza restaurant in Lafayette, Deano’s is the place for you. Deano’s Pizza crafts all of their famous pizzas by hand and use the freshest produce, quality meats, seafood, and cheeses. Customers can also choose whether to enjoy their meal inside or at the outdoor patio in style. You’ll find that Deano’s also serves great appetizers including crawfish nachos, boneless wings, and fried cheese. Whatever recipe you’re craving, Deano’s is more than willing to go out of its way to craft the perfect pie for you.

Restaurant Style: Pizzeria

Location: 305 Bertrand Dr, Lafayette, LA 70506



Custom Recipes

Happy Hour Food

Outdoor Seating

Local Favorites:

Custom Pizza Pies

Louisiana Seafood

Signature Pastas

Bon Temps Grill

Last but not least on our list of the best restaurants in Lafayette is Bon Temps Grill. This Cajun and Creole restaurant focuses on crafting some of the best blackened meats, crawfish, gumbo, and other Louisiana delicacies. Bon Temps Grill also features brunch, a seasonal menu, and drink specials. There’s no better place to enjoy some finely prepared and served Cajun cuisine.

Restaurant Style: Cajun and Creole

Location: 1312 Verot School Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508


Alcoholic Beverages


Happy Hour Drinks

Online Ordering

Vegetarian Options